H + G = The Bucks

I remember seeing a picture of this gorgeous young lady with her softball team, who happened to have my niece as the catcher. I was instantly drawn to her beauty, while still being athletic and competitive. Hailey happens to be my niece, Payton’s, best friend; and it was only a given that I would say yes, when asked to do her bridal makeup. They have been besties for as long as I can remember; and as adults, still manages to keep their friendship a priority! No longer living in Ohio, Gunnar and Hailey are currently stationed in South Carolina, while he serves in the Marines.

On the big day, Hailey was adamant about keeping the makeup as natural as possible. Important for her and Gunnar, was that she looked like HERSELF… just a more elegant version! If you know me, “natural glam” is right up my alley; and in my personal opinion, the better option for the big day!

We kept her look classic and simple, with a touch of elegance. Neutrals and taupes were my go to’s! Hailey’s bone structure is obviously to die for, so we just enhanced it with a little highlighting and shading! Plumping Gloss from Sorella Cosmetics (shade Posh), added the finishing touch to her look… and of course, waterproof and setting products! Holy tears!

I met my niece when she was 5, so it is hard to wrap my head around the fact that they are now mothers and wives! Where is time going?! Bailey, with Awakening Photos, did an incredible job capturing the emotion, love, and respect shared between everyone in attendance. Without ever meeting Gunnar, I can tell how much he and Hailey loves one another. I can tell how much Hailey values family and friends. Most of all, I can tell just how strong the bond is between Hailey and Payton. This wedding truly was about marrying the love of your life, surrounded by those you love most! I am so thankful to have been apart of it.

Congrats on tying the knot, Gunnar and Hailey! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

Photography: Awakening Photos http://www.awakeningphotos.com

MUA: Ebony for Shear Hotness

Venue: Bellefontaine Airport

Florals: Dorcey’s

Suits: Peachtree Boutique

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‘Boro’s Cutest Couple: Chris and Cassidy

These lovebirds brought the sunshine!

MUA: Marissa and Isabella for Shear Hotness

Photographer: Ali Kelly Photography http://www.alikellyphotography.com

Venue: Savannah Center

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The Delks

My real life Ariel!

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with R E D H E A D S… so give me a redheaded bride, and I am going to lose my mind!

Erin was the epitome of beauty, grace, and kindess. I remember how nervous she was at her trial… but I think it’s safe to say that our girls knocked it out of the park!

Blog worthy?! I think so! Christina & Jeremiah Photography really outdid herself! I couldn’t pick a few to share because the W H O L E gallery was amazing! Everything about this wedding was perfect from the shades of green complimenting our bride’s hair color, to the popsicle bar.

I am O B S E S S E D and so thankful to have this be my job! Thank you Mrs. Delk for sharing one of the biggest days of your life with us! Cheers to a lifetime!

Hair/MUA: Rachael and Marissa for Shear Hotness
Photography: Christina & Jeremiah Photography

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Mr. and Mrs. Bond

Jonathan and Megan are literally #relationshipgoals.

After being together for over 8 years, these lovebirds have the formula down on what it takes to have a successful relationship:  Lots of love, laughter, and the BUCKEYES!

Megan’s big day centered around family, friends, and getting to marry her best friend.  I remember the environment as being very chill, lots of laughs and college memories; as well as, honoring her late mother.  What I loved most about this day was the energy and love that her #squad had for her.  I felt a sense of warmth and protection from her longtime friends, family, sister, and in laws.  I even got to meet her kind daddy, who looked very dapper in his suit (he traded in his staple overalls for the big day!)

I knew this wedding party was gonna be a memorable one, and these pics definitely proved me right!  I see lots of laughter, and just a good time when I scroll through them.  I could FEEL how good of a time everyone had; and how much of a badass do you have to be to have The Ohio State Buckeyes Band and Brutus show up to your reception?  Pretty badass, to me.


I want to end this with a toast to the newlyweds.  Thank you so much for having us be apart of such a monumental day in your lives.  Please continue to love, laugh and be best friends… something that everyone hopes for!  Congrats on tying the knot Mr. and Mrs. Bond.

O – H – I – O!

Hair/MUA: Ebony, Lauren, Abby, and Amber

Photography: Style & Story Creative


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Moms’ Night Out and Hottie Happy Hour Coming Back March 2018!!!


LADIES!!! You’ve asked, begged, and pleaded, and well now…. we have no choice but to proudly present, well bring back to you: Moms’ Night Out and Hottie Happy Hour each and every month!


Moms’ Night Out is for the mamas who might have a hot date night, a girls’ outing, or just a moment to be pampered!  Being a mom, I completely understand what it’s like to take care of everyone else… and kinda forget about yourself.  Well that’s where we come in!  Let us celebrate you, and show you how beautiful and amazing you really are by a mini makeover!  Moms’ Night Out will be THE FIRST (1ST) FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH FROM 4PM-8PM.  Snacks, beverages and/or mimosas are on us, so bring your mom friends, and come relax! Appointments are absolutely necessary; as we want to be properly staffed to serve all of you wonderful ladies!  ** Fur baby moms are most certainly welcome.  You ARE a mom too! 🙂

Hottie Happy Hour is Moms’ Night Out crazy little sister or the party before the party!  This is for any and everyone with Friday night plans, with a need and feel to look refreshed!  Appointments are on a first come first serve basis, and will be limited.  Hottie Happy Hour will take place on THE THIRD (3RD) FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH FROM 4PM-8PM.  Beverages and mimosas will be on hand, so grab your squad, and get glammed from some of the BEST artists/hairstylists in town!

To book your appointment, please contact us at 937-210-7815, [email protected]!


Traditional- $50 (Regularly priced $60)

Airbrush- $65 (Regularly priced $75)

Hair Styling/Blowout- $25 (Regularly priced starting at $35)

Airbrush Tanning (spray tan)- $20

Book Makeup and Hair, and SAVE!!!


Lashes- $5

Mini Kenra Hairspray- $8

Lip Color- TBD


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