So much G R A C E and beauty in one room

I will always remember Nacole. Clearly, her beauty is hard to forget… but it goes deeper than that! Her poise, kindness, elegance and G R A C E. I met Nacole during a crazy time in my life! I had just opened a full service salon, fired my administrative assistant, was doing hair behind the chair, in addition to personally taking multiple weddings a month… on top of my grandmother’s ICU stay and death.

That last one. That was the hardest. If you know me, my grandmother was my life. Trying to juggle family, both businesses, the loss of a very important staff member; my head was all over the place! In no way do I want this to be about me… because it isn’t (or intended to be).

My grandmother was being taken off of life support on the day that Nacole was marrying the love of her life, Matt. I kept it together, but sadness plagued my heart and soul. Ultimately, I still had a job to do! I had to give my best makeup skill, be professional, and make sure Nacole felt like this was the best day of her life! Here at Shear Hotness, we pride ourselves on our professionalism: from our legal binding agreement to the way we interact with our clients!

Some clients are turned off by a company presenting them with an agreement, but it’s to protect A L L parties involved. Even on the hardest day of my life, I was committed to being there for Nacole. That is why working with reputable companies is a M U S T. Don’t be afraid of that agreement. It is there for you! It is our way of pinky swearing one another that we will be there when we say we will. It is our way to understand boundaries and what’s expected from everyone. It was honestly an honor to be there and fulfil Nacole’s vision! That is what my grandmother would have wanted… and it is what I needed! Being around happiness is contagious!

Nacole, I am thankful for you! Thank you for your grace… and I don’t just mean by the way you carry yourself. Thank you for being gentle with me. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your big day! You looked incredible on that hot, summer day; with your smile never waivering!

This was probably the hardest wedding I ever had to get through, but WE made it! I am in love with how Nacole’s bridal look turned out, Nacole became Mrs. Wenning, and my grandma gained her wings! I’d say the sun was shining on us all that day! <3

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