Parrot Promo Essentials: Featured Vendor of the Week! Week 8

Mints, koozies, or matches with you and your significant other’s name on them… for Pete’s sake!  Where do you find them?  Parrot Promo Essentials is where you find them!  Holly of Parrot Promo Essentials, has the sweetest spirit about her!  Every time I see her, she is always kind, and stops to listen to whatever craziness comes out of my mouth!  I am proud to be a fellow Your Dream Day Cafe vendor with her;  and very happy to have Parrot Promo Essentials produce my giveaway makeup bags!  (More on that later!)  So, without further ado, I present to you: YOUR FEATURED VENDOR OF THE WEEK… PARROT PROMO ESSENTIALS!


When did Parrot Sports Gear dba Parrot Promo Essentials open? 1995

Who started the business? My mom, Kim Massie, started the business along with a partner who later retired.  Kim and myself are the owners today.

Inspiration behind the concept? I was a swimmer from when I was 8 through college.  My mom spent many weekends at swim meets.  One day she and another mom on my swim team decided to each invest to buy swim supplies to sell at the meets.  They wanted a name and logo that would attract attention while fitting in with the swimming world.  My mom’s partner’s name was Ione Parrot so they decided upon Parrot Sports Gear for the company name.  Since the opening we have broadened what we offer to custom apparel and promotional items.  We still do the swim supplies but it is no longer our main focus.  Because of this, we decided to apply and have received permission to open a DBA.  Our new name is Parrot Promo Essentials. 

What services does Parrot Promo Essentials offer? Custom Silk Screen, Embroidery, and Promotional items.

What makes Parrot Promo Essentials different? We really care.  We get to know our customers and their businesses to assist in finding the perfect marketing solutions to set them apart from their competition.

What’s new on the horizon? We are working on expanding our business through social media.  We are also restructuring behind the scenes to assist our employees and sales professionals in providing better support and services to our customers.


Holly Beard

Parrot Promo Essentials

Parrot Sports Gear

1912 Bellbrook Woods Ct

Bellbrook, OH 45305

Ph: 937-848-7668

Cell: 937-572-3409

Fax: 937-848-2884

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