Can You Afford to NOT Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Big Day?

(Photography: Fotoculture  Hair/MUA: Shear Hotness)

You’ve waited for this day since you were a little girl, and now it is finally here.  The love of your life has asked for your hand in marriage, and you are getting married!  Everything is in place:  The Venue… CHECK.  The Cake… CHECK.  The Photographer… CHECK. The DJ… CHECK, and so on.  But what about one of the most important factors of the day:  YOU.  Sure, you have the perfect dress; and maybe you’ve booked your longtime hairdresser for you and your party.  But what about your makeup?  Have you checked Makeup Artist off the list?  A lot of brides tend to be on the fence when it comes to getting their makeup PROFESSIONALLY  done, for one of the BIGGEST days of their lives. There are many aspects as to why one might not see the importance of  INVESTING in such a service; and we hear so many reasons including: “I am afraid I won’t look like myself.” or “It isn’t in our budget.”, just to name a few.  But, take a moment and picture this.  After you’ve cleaned the venue and returned the key, digested that rich, chocolate cake, and danced the night away with your awesome DJ and loved ones, can you look at the beautiful pictures your photographer has taken, and say that you LOVE them?  Even ten and many years from now with your children and grandchildren… will you love the way you looked on your wedding day?  Now, you get where I am going with this!  Hiring a professional makeup artist is just as important as the rest of your vendors.  Can you afford to not look and feel your very best on your wedding day?  I think not!  Here are 10 reasons you should invest in a pro for the big day!


On location artists save you the hassle of going to a makeup counter or busy salon, and they come to the location of YOUR choice!  Not only will this save you time from having to run to multiple locations, but will also put you at ease.  The vibe that you and your tribe creates will set the tone for the day; and having your artist come to you is a plus!  Skip the lines at your fave makeup counter, and don’t be delayed at a salon.  Turn on Pandora, sip mimosas, and get ready with your best girls!  Your professional makeup artist is there to accommodate you, and keep the day/timeline running smoothly!


I always ask, would you trust your lawyer or doctor, and believe that they knew what they were doing at the trial or during your procedure? Same thing here. Professional makeup artists have trained, worked, and studied extensively, to be certain that we highlight your best features, while concealing the things that you aren’t quite fond of. Color correcting your rosacea, concealing dark circles, or even covering a last-minute pimple… not a problem for a pro.  These things might send a non professional, or even you, the bride, into a frenzy.  But, pros are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and products/tools to fix these minor imperfections, efficiently and promptly.  I bet you didn’t know, that foundations, moisturizer, or anything with SPF leaves a white cast in flash photography?  This could be a deal breaker for you and your party, if you do not know the dos/don’ts for photography makeup.


The application is only as good as the canvas!  I truly believe that!  Great makeup applications start with great skin!  A professional makeup artist/licensed professional will be able to lead you in the right direction on how to get glowing, beautiful skin before the big day!  This is where a trial would be perfect, but isn’t crucial!  If you are able to have a trial with your artist, the artist will assess your skin; and tell you how to treat whatever issues you are having. Luckily, my team is comprised of licensed cosmetologists and estheticians, so we are hands on at recommending products for problematic skin conditions.  Some of the most common conditions that we see are rosacea and xerosis, which is the technical term for dry skin.  Your professional artist can also put you on a skin regimen a few months prior to the big day, to ensure that you look your best!

(Photography: Christa Kimble Photography  Hair/MUA:  Shear Hotness)


I think it’s safe to say, and I think you can all agree with me, that there’s a smokey eye for a night on the town… and one for your wedding!  A professional makeup artist will make you look your best in person and on camera.  There’s an art and technique to photography makeup; and your professional makeup artist knows the tricks of the trade to create a flawless look, as well as, extend the longevity of the application.  Knowing where to add a little shimmer to highlight a feature or how to properly shade/contour a cheek can be life changing!  Pictures last forever, my friend!


I’ve seen this firsthand.  So you decide to hire a makeup artist… but cost is the deciding factor.  BIG MISTAKE.  While you get what you pay for, I do believe there is an artist for everyone.  Prioritizing what’s most important to you: skill, price, reputation, etc., will play a factor.  I have had brides that went for the “cheaper” or most “cost-effective” choice between two artists, and they regret it in the end.  The “cheaper” artist ended up being not as experienced as the bride had hoped, their kit lacked the professional products needed to achieve the desired look, amongst other things.  My team and I have even had to “save the day”, due to artists being no-shows.  Quality, highly sought after makeup artists may have a higher rate, but it is so worth it.  They will be prepared and present you with a contract to protect all parties… after all, your wedding day is nothing to play with.  Qualified makeup artists pay good money to stock their kit with high-end, professional products that they KNOW will deliver flawless applications.  More often than never, they will also have reviews, portfolios, and a good reputation, which is why their rate is higher.  When hiring plumbers, babysitters, and other professionals, you research and look for the best.  Why not do the same for your wedding day?  YOU are worth it!

(Photography Tammy Bryan Photography  MUA: Shear Hotness)


The many different personalities in one party can be super fun and overwhelming, all at the same time!  You may have one bridesmaid who doesn’t wear makeup, and another who loves everything glitter.  How do you find a common ground?  A professional makeup artist will be able to keep everyone’s looks cohesive, yet personalized for everyone in the bridal party. A true, seasoned artist will know how to get the young lady that doesn’t like makeup, to feel comfortable with a little more makeup on than usual, “because it’s for a special event, and you need a little more for photographs”… and she will know how to professionally and appropriately apply makeup to the young woman who lives for her glitter, highlight, contour, and every other trend you can imagine.

(Photography: Ali Kelly Photography MUA: Shear Hotness)


A new trend is the bride who loves to DIY.  I love DIY weddings, and could only dream of being crafty!  I did my own wedding makeup, and lucky for me, I know a thing or two about makeup! 😉  However, the every day woman isn’t always sure how to create the look that she envisioned for her wedding day.  This is where you should seek a professional makeup artist that offers one on one DIY classes.  I find this to be the perfect compromise between not hiring an artist for the big day, per se, but still relying on the expertise and guidance of a professional.  This allows you to still be in control of the finished look, save some money, and keep your personal touch on it.  The downside to this would be stocking your kit with the same quality products that the artist used to achieve the look of your dreams.  That is where it could get expensive, and might just be better to book the artist for day of services!


I know I said you would feel like a million bucks, but you truly cannot put a price tag on confidence!  The confidence and peace of mind that you will have by hiring someone who does this on a weekly basis, is indescribable. Being confident that you look your very best will show in the way you walk, talk, and present yourself.  After all, this is the day you have dreamed about your whole life, right?

(Photography: Christina & Jeremiah Photography  Hair/MUA: Shear Hotness)


After all of the hours, days, nights, months, and sometimes years, of planning a girl just needs to be pampered!  Brides put their heart and soul into making sure that everything is perfect, and sometimes forget to take time for themselves.  On a day when emotions and nerves are running high and crazy, the best thing you could do for yourself is take it all in and let everyone celebrate you!  Enjoy it and be in the moment.  Reminisce with your girls about the journey you and your significant other traveled to get to this point; and how today will begin a new journey for you!  What I am trying to say is eat that slice of pizza, buy the shoes, and GET YOUR MAKEUP DONE.  GO BIG OR GO HOME.  YOU’RE ONLY DOING THIS ONCE, RIGHT?

(Photography: Style & Story  Hair/MUA:  Shear Hotness)




For Bridal inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]!  We would love to hear from you!

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Class Is In Session!

Mothers, you’ve asked… well affectionately demanded… so now it’s here!  Is your daughter wearing makeup, but isn’t sure about how to appropriately apply it?  Is your teen dealing with the common skin issues that arises at this age?  And hair… don’t even get me started about hair!  Let the pros, award winning and nationally published artists, Ebony Newcomb, Chelsie Walhay, and Sarah Bishop of Shear Hotness and Sorella Cosmetics, educate your little pretty on HOW to properly execute timeless and age appropriate beauty!  Join us for snacks, discussions, beauty how tos, swag bags, and PRIZES!

Glam University 2K16 will include a 90 minute class about:

  • Quick and Age Appropriate Makeup Tips/Techniques
  • Skincare
  • Fall Trends
  • How to properly use the stuff you already have in your kit.. so bring your makeup!
  • And Most Importanly:  Embracing and loving the skin you’re in!  Rock those beautiful and unique features!

Requirements:  Must be 18 and under, ready to have fun, and totally fab!


Where: 2310 FAR HILLS AVE. DAYTON, OHIO 45419


The Masters (16-18 years old) Noon – 1:30pm
The Graduate (13-15 years old) 1:30 – 3:00pm
The Freshman (12 and Under) 3:00 – 4:30pm

Rates include: 90 minute professional beauty class, a swag bag, and complimentary gloss.

The Freshman (12 and Under)- $50

The Graduate (13-15 years old)- $75

The Masters (16-18 years old)- $75


This includes:

A Sorella Cosmetics palette consisting of eyeshadows, blush, and bronzer, Eyeliner, Lipstick or Lip gloss and lip liner.

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Mother’s Day Appreciation Special!


Let the pros at Shear Hotness show you how to master that makeup technique that you have been curious about!  Now through May 8th, purchase a makeup lesson gift certificate and SAVE $25 on mini or full session makeup lessons!  Mini lessons will be as low as $50 and full sessions as low as $100… THIS RARELY HAPPENS! You may also opt to buy 1 at full price and receive the second certificate half off.  This can be used for a group session with your friends or 1 on 1, any time until October 31st, 2016.  Bring your makeup along, as we discuss your routine; and show you faster, new techniques to achieve red carpet beauty!  Full session and mini session details/topics are as follows:

Full Sessions – 90 minutes

The Overall Look $125

Focus on skin care basics, flawless foundation, perfectly paired lips/cheeks and highlighting/contouring., long lasting, crease resistant eye makeup basics, smoky eye/daytime look, beautiful brows and false lash application.

The Mane Look $125

Focus on styling tips and techniques to create red carpet ready hair.

** Full session clients have the option to purchase their favorite products used with a pro discount.  They will also take home samples, if possible. Limit 2 per client

Mini Sessions – 45 minutes (choose any 2)

Prep, Correct & Conceal $75

Learn how to disguise dark circles, redness and blemishes.

Highlight & Contour $75

Learn subtle, natural looking techniques to slim, sculpt and refine your features.

Flawless Brows $75

Learn how to achieve polished, defined brows.

Smoky Eye $75

Learn my most requested tips and techniques for creating the smoky eye that’s perfect for you.

False Lashes $75

Learn how to take the mystery out of applying individual and strip lashes.

** Mini session clients will take home samples of their fave products used, within reason.  Limit 2 per client

To book, contact us at: 937-210-7815 or [email protected]

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It’s Prom Time!

It’s my favorite time of year!  Prom was really a turning point in my career, and I get so excited, not to mention warm and fuzzy every time it comes around!  Shear Hotness Makeup and Hair is offering our amazing services at a discounted rate for our students, so book now with the best in the licensed artists in Ohio!


Traditional Makeup (lashes included): $45

Airbrush Makeup (lashes included): $55

Hairstyling: Starting at $50


Traditional and Hair: $90 (SAVE $5!)

Airbrush makeup and hair- $100 (SAVE $5!)

All In (makeup, hair, and tanning)- $125 (SAVE $10!)

Airbrush Tanning: $20 **extra fee for double dip!

Due to the popularity of this time, we require you to come to our studio, located in the heart of Downtown Oakwood for your appointment; unless you have a party of 5 or more.  To reserve your prom day services, contact us at: [email protected] or 937-210-7815!  Cheers to Prom 2k16!

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Creating Christina’s Look!

Shear Hotness Makeup and Hair owner, Ebony Newcomb, had a blast creating this dramatic, dewy look on Christina this week!  After being asked the details of what was used by several people, she thought it would be cool to give a description of the products used here!  Ebony loves to play with different textures; and to create textures that she loves working with, by mixing multiple products.  You can probably achieve this look with similar products, and maybe even skipping a few steps… but I chose to use these products to get the look that I wanted!  I hope you guys liked it and enjoy!

  1. PRIME: Cleansed with: #Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes, #SexAPeel exfoliant by#Sonia Roselli. Prepped face with #Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray, and #Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré moisturizer/primer.  I used #UrbanDecay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original) to prime the eyes
  2. BROWS: Defined brows with #AnastasiaBeverlyHills Brow Wiz and Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brow.  Outlined in MAC’s Studio and Conceal Palette Medium NW 25, mixed with a little of the NW 10 from the Light Palette.
  3. EYES:  Used #Tarte Tartelette palette color Free Spirit all over the lid, and #MAC’s Ricepaper on the brow bone.  In the inner and mid crease, I used Wanderer from the #Tarte palette and #MAC’s Soft Brown.  In the outer crease, I used #Tarte Bombshell and Fashionista.  On the lid, coming from the outter to the very inner rim I used #UrbanDecay YDK, Suspect, and Verve… in that order.  Eyeliner was #MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.  Lashes are #Ardell Wispies, finished off with #L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.
  4. SKIN:  I used #MakeupForever Step 1 Primer in Mattifying, and afterward, mixed Ultra HD liquid foundation colors 120 and 125. Highlight and Shade was #MAC Studio and Conceal palette in Medium, shade NC 30 and Mid Yellow mixed with #MAC Prep and Prime pen in Light Boost, and Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15.  Shade was #MAC Studio and Conceal palette in Medium Deep NW43.  These were blended with a #BeautyBlender and brush.
  5. SETTING:  #BenNye Beige Suede mixed with a little Banana powder and #MakeupForever HD Microfinish, and I used the “bake” method.  (I love the outcome of the texture/shade when all 3 are mixed!)
  6. LIPS:  While she was “baking”, I lined her lips in #MAC lip pencil in Whirl; and filled her lips in with #MAC Pro Longwear in Overtime, topped with #MAC Lipglass in Oyster Girl.
  7. FINISHING TOUCHES:  I dust off the “baking” powder, and I go over my shading with #TooFaced Soleil Matte Bronzers in Dark and #MAC Studio Fix in NW50.  To add a little color to the cheeks , I used #MAC Peachykeen and Sweet As Cocoa. I highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, etc. in #Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal.  Spray #Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray to seal everything!
  8. TA DA!  We have a beautiful, bronzed, model for her shoot!


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