Long Distance Longevity

A B B Y ✨

Viewing these photos made me realize three S U P E R important things:

  1. Yes! I do still love doing makeup… more than I’d like to admit. 😍🔥
  2. This photographer is probably one of the most…. if not T H E most talented wedding photographers I’ve E V E R worked with. 📸🙌🏾
  3. I needed the warmth and kindness of the Davidson family, and I will never forget how they remembered small details about M E… on a day when it should’ve been 100% about them! 🥺🖤

Being able to vividly remember a day that happened months ago, due to it being captured so eloquently, is a feeling I can’t explain! Matt was based in Pennsylvania and Abby in Columbus. Their love stood the test of time, and now they are together F O R E V E R! The hair and makeup speaks for itself (would you believe me if I told you we gave Abby hair extensions 😍🙌🏾)… so enjoy these photos and check out the Z I L L I O N I’m uploading to the blog! Some weddings just doesn’t need words! The vendors K I L L E D it! 🙌🏾🖤🥺🔥

Hair/MUA: Ebony, Stephen, Bella and Lauren for Shear Hotness
Photography: Derk’s Works http://www.derksworks.com

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