Fall, Fall, and More Fall!

I am obsessed with Fall, and EVERYTHING that it has to offer: From the leaves falling and changing colors, to the smell of pumpkin pie!  With that being said, we can’t forget Fall fashion and beauty trends! It is practically LAW that you go darker in the Fall!  When it comes to hair color: Rich Reds, Chocolate Browns, and everything in between.  This can also apply to your nail polish and lipsticks! Black nail polish is no longer for the Goths in your local high school! It’s chic, trendy, and can be very fashionable, if worn the correct way!  Bold lips are also all the rage right now!  The key to these trends are BALANCE, BALANCE, and BALANCE!  🙂  So, go all out this season, and try something new! There’s something out there FOR EVERYBODY! 🙂



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