Joseph Testa Films: Featured Vendor of the Week! Week 5

I had the pleasure of meeting this “cool cat” at a networking event in Columbus!  Since then, Joseph has been a staple on my newsfeed and in my professional world!  He is always referring business my way, and is such a team player!  I am so happy to have met him, and hopefully, we can collaborate on some weddings this year!  So CHEERS!  Here’s to the last Featured Vendor of 2014: Joseph Testa Films!


Joseph Testa Films is a wholly owned subsidiary, aka Registered Trade Name of Testa Enterprise Consulting, Inc.  We opened the doors under this new name on Jan 1st, 2014.

I started the original business Testa Enterprise Consulting, Inc, in 1997, by me.
We had been doing wedding films for friends and family since 1991.  In 2007 we decided to take it to professional level.  We figured as much experience as we had, why not?
We offer 3 types of services:
1.  Beautiful Wedding Films:  We capture, preserve and produce beautiful wedding films
2.  Small business corporate promotional videos:  For small businesses, we work with the owners and put together for them a company promo they can put in youtube, their website, explaining what they do and how they can help their clients.
3.  Media Conversion Services:  We take old media, like VHS tapes and convert them to DVD/mp4, so you can share those old movies.
We’re different from most videographers as we don’t produce 1-2 hour long drawn out documentaries, we produce 10-30 wedding feature films.
In 2015, we’re setting ourselves to partner with other wedding professionals and offer packages(like with photographers is one example), where getting a combo-package is less expensive than hiring the two vendors separately.
For more info or to book Joseph Testa Films for your next event, contact:
Joseph Testa

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