Carly Short Photography: Featured Vendor of the Week! Week 7

This week’s Featured Vendor is a personal one for me!  Not only were we in the same homeroom from 9th-12th grade, we share the same birthday!  Carly Barrett (and Kelly!), of Carly Short Photography, is someone who I not only respect personally, but also professionally.  Passionate can’t even begin to describe her when it comes to her work!  She genuinely LOVES and BREATHES photography.  I can literally feel the emotion of whoever Carly photographs through her pics.  Carly also inspired me to throw more into my business, after a mini pow wow.  Without telling me my website sucked, she told me my website sucked… and now we can all thank her for this lovely website I have! LOL.  I am very excited for the future, as well as, this wedding season!  Carly and Kelly are definitely in a league of their own, and I hope I can do a million weddings with them this year!  So without further ado, check out my soul sistas, one of my fave photographers on the planet: Carly Short Photography!

(Carly Short Photography for

When did Carly Short Photography open? 

I went full time in March of 2011 and it was the best decision I have ever made!

Who started the business?

After I graduated from Ohio Institute of Photography & Technology I worked for several photographers second shooting and doing freelance work. My business really started from a passion for photography and I slowly built it up until I could quit my full time job at a local senior portrait studio. Owning a business has been a learning experience with its ups and downs, but I will say that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I truly love what I do.

Inspiration behind the concept?

My inspiration has always been the people I am photographing. My favorite images are the quite moments when the people I am surrounded by forget I have a camera, forget that they are being photographed and I can really capture the emotion in whatever it is I am shooting. I have often talked with my friends about how emotional I get when I photograph weddings. I see their story as it unfolds before me, and because it is my job to notice all of the small things, I feel very close to my clients in a very short amount of time. I often leave feeling that I have spent the day with lifelong friends. There is always so much activity to capture before the ceremony on a wedding day, and when the moment calms and two people come together to vow their love to one another, I can not help but become a little emotional. There are always a few moments during a wedding day that leave me a little misty and love being surrounded by so much love and celebration. I try to be as invisible as possible on a wedding day while still capturing all of these elements, and it is I that sees more of the wedding day unfold than even the bride and groom. Telling a story with my images is very important to me even in my work with family photography. I guess I have never really had a concept, I do what I love and it has evolved from there. 

What services does Carly Short Photography offer?

My main focus is weddings, but I also enjoy and offer services in both family and commercial photography. 

What makes Carly Short Photography different?

This is kind of a difficult question to answer, as I think every photographer has something different to offer. We all see things differently and clients have a great task in front of them when finding the photographer that is a perfect fit for them. I will say that anyone who hires me will always receive 100% of my passion. I love what I do and even though I have had my fair share of challenges, I can honestly say that I never really feel like I am working. I get to a shoot and all of the things that are currently on my mind are suddenly gone and my sole purpose is to create images that my client, and I will love. I have a more “editorial” type of style and I like to capture moments naturally rather than the traditional posed shots. I want to give my clients images that reflect who they are as people and capture those important moments in their life that can be relived when looking through their photos in years to come.

What’s new on the horizon?

I am constantly reading and researching ways to grow my business, and I am sure that many new projects and ideas will surface in the near future.

At your service,Carly Barrett

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