Photography Makeup Tips!


Photography makeup is surprisingly different from day to day makeup.

What are those differences??
I thought you might ask… so, grab a pen; I made a list for you!

1. Go about 30% more intense with your blush, shadow, mascara & liner.

Outdoor and studio lighting has a tendency to zap the depth out of your makeup.  If you look in the mirror and it looks like a touch too much, you are probably right on track. You want your features to be defined so you can show them off!

2. Use HD foundation & products without SPF
SFP is what causes that ghost-like flashback you see in some photos, so avoid that in your primer and foundation… And your moisturizers!

I have really noticed how washed out people look in photos if they aren’t wearing a heavier coverage foundation than the usual.  my photo fav isis MAC HD Airbrush Foundation or Makeup Forever HD.

Lines look twice as harsh in a photo, so make sure you blend anything you don’t want to stand out.

4. HAC.
Highlight And Contour your butt off. Perfect lighting following you around?
Yes, please.
With your own built in lighting, you can even look decent in the DMV lights! Trust me! You will looooooove your new driver’s license!

5. Easy on the SHIMMER!
Shimmer tends to look awfully reflective in a photo. Try to use mostly matte eye shadows (the shimmery ones won’t show their pigment in the lens as well).  And for illuminated skin, use products without shimmer like: Maybelline New York Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer, Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, or my personal fave, MAC’s Strobe Cream!

6. Some color on your lips.
I know a lot of you are NUDE ONLY kinda ladies, and I love a nude lip too… But you have to remember to either do a 3d nude lip (Inbox me for more info), or to use a little bit of color.  Otherwise (especially in the black and whites), you’ll be lipless!

I am a believer it pumping up those lashes for a photo!  It will add so much to a profile photo or a looking down pose. Although, I love lash extensions, I understand that they are pricey (I probably couldn’t afford them myself! Haha).  I really love strip lashes too, and they only cost like 4 bucks. Well worth it for some photos. You need the right ones and the right techniques though or it can be much more difficult than it should be! Believe it or not, I purchase my favorite lashes at Walmart!  Salon Perfect Demi Wispies are my go tos for anything… Brides, everyday wear, etc. I am also obsessed with Kiss lashes!



8. Set with powder.

You want to set with a translucent powder.  Sweat and oil are magnified by the camera + you need your makeup to stay put. It’s a must. Hot TIP: if you have the cash, MAC’s Prep and Prime, or Urban Decay’s setting spray is beyond worth it.  I can tell a huge difference when I don’t use it.

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